Business Management and Marketing

Running a business is both art and science

The first step in running a business is to analyse your business

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To fix problems or grow your business the first step is to analyze your business and find the source of issues. We developed several forms that clearly shows the sources of the problems of your business.

Simply download the forms and fill them.

You can send the filled the forms to us; we analyze all the information and send you a detailed analysis of your business all for FREE.

Business Personality


Business personality is what is in the mind of your clients/customers about your business.
If you can see inside the mind of your clients, what words or phrases are around the name of your business, those words and phrases are the personalities of your business.
People are coming to your business because of those words and phrases.

Business Culture


If you can see inside the mind of your employees, what words or phrases can you see? Those are the culture of your business.
A healthy, goal-oriented, and productive culture is a guarantee for your business.
You can manage and make the culture of your business the way you want if you know how.

Leader’s insight


Have you ever thought what is in your mind around the name of your business?
Some words or phrases could be: boring, not enough money, too much work, my business is paying my bills. These words and phrases are making the faith and success or failure of your business.
If you want to make any changes to your business, you need first to change these words and phrases.


Business Structure

Business Structure

Please click on the download button to get a pdf copy of the business structure diagramThe structure of a business is like a Lego tower made from several interconnected pieces. Each piece has one specific function and relationship to other parts of the company.  At...