Three Qualities to Guarantee You as the Best Beauty Professional

by | Beauty Business

Working as a beauty professional can be rewarding and highly satisfying if you love what you do and you know how to do it. By beauty professional, I mean a trained technician who is an expert in the technical aspects of beauty therapy–like an esthetician, nail tech, stylist, massage therapist, and more. Hunting for a job as a beauty professional starts long before you are scrolling through job postings.

A beauty professional’s job is highly technical and requires years of experience and practice to perfect the necessary skills. However, there are three qualities that can easily substitute experience if you don’t have it yet.

Knowing the science of beauty, having skill sets, and having effective personal habits and discipline are the three qualities that can differentiate you from the rest of the crowd and guarantee not only your dream job but also help you become highly successful as a beauty professional in your career.

Knowing the Science of Beauty

Knowledge can easily substitute your lack of experience, and it is the easiest thing to acquire. The job of beauty schools is to train you to be a good technician but does not necessarily teach you much about the science of beauty.Business Define Skills knowledgeIf you go one step further and establish yourself as a scientific beauty professional, you will be in a unique position that not only will help you get your dream job, but also will guide you to be the best in the beauty business.

Find scientific books in your field, subscribe to magazines, and read all the articles in your field. Know the trends of the business and new findings and technology in your field. Participate in trade shows, and be the first to know what is new and what is happening in the business. Join and engage on Facebook and other online social groups that are discussing your field.

Find well-known people in your field, ask questions, challenge them, and be part of their conversations. Let them get to know you as an enthusiastic and active professional in the beauty community. 

Create a weblog, and write about what you learn. Talk to your friends and family about beauty and, as a beauty professional, offer to speak in schools, churches, and community events. Let everybody know who you are and what you are about. 

Over time you will build a professional identity for yourself, and you will become well-known in your field. With such a reputation and popularity, salon owners and managers will beg you to work for them, if you are still looking for a job.

Skill Sets

The beauty professional business involves highly technical jobs and demands practice and persistence to be an expert. Being skilled in the beauty profession means you know how to do a treatment flawlessly and confidently.Business Define Skills SetSimilar to other skills, like playing the piano, playing basketball, or riding a bicycle, doing a facial or giving a massage uses the same learning patterns in the brain. The way our brains work in regard to learning is by making new connections between specific groups of brain cells. In the beginning, these connections between brain cells are temporary.

Over time and through practice, the connections between the specific brain cells that are involved in the process become more stable and permanent. These connections between brain cells become real physical changes in the brain and cannot happen overnight.

That is why experience and practice are so important in everything, including learning professional beauty treatment. At the beginning of each skill, you are using your conscious mind to manage the connections between brain cells.

That is the reason we have to pay attention to every single movement of our hands and fingers and the tools we are using. This is the main reason we are so slow at the beginning of each skill. When the connection between the specific brain cells is established, and the brain makes a specific pathway of connected brain cells, you can even do the task blindfolded and can then be called a professional.

Here is when the role of good instructors and a good school comes in to play. A good school and instructor pays attention to every student and makes sure the student is learning the techniques well and practices enough so that the right connections between their brains’ cells build and become permanent, or they at least teach them how to be on the right path to becoming a successful beauty professional. 

If you don’t have enough clients, practice on a mannequin at least 100 times for each procedure or treatment. Don’t just wait or justify that there are no clients. By practicing you become a skillful professional.

Personal Habits and Discipline

Your personal habits and discipline determine how far you can go as a beauty professional. It all starts with you. Your clothing, makeup, the style of your hair, and everything related to you is critically important. You are a professional, and you need to dress and act accordingly.Business Define Personal habit and disciplineYou need to love your job to be successful in it, otherwise, you are wasting your valuable time. The love and like of something grows when you get positive feedback and praise. For instance, if you keep getting praise for cutting kids’ hair, you may come to love it and enjoy it the most.

It is not just about beauty; it is about everything in life. If you know something well, you think you may like it, and the reality is you just know that particular skill better or are getting more positive feedback and satisfaction from it. 

The tone of your voice, the selection of words you use and how you use them, is very important. When you are doing a treatment or service for a client, you are in charge, the chief of command. So be creative and us your imagination to use the best and most appropriate words possible.

When somebody comes to you to receive a beauty service, he or she is looking to get some kind of affirmation. At this time, give them the praise they are looking for. For example, when you cut their hair, don’t be silent or just say, “Looks good.” Tell them how sexy and glamorous they are with their new hairstyle. Don’t hesitate to use colorful, vibrant adjectives generously. 

Your work environment is very important for you as a professional, for your clients, and also for other technicians working next to you. Be obsessed with the harmony of colors, tools, materials, and everything else in your work area. Choose the best of everything, and use the best design in the world for your treatment room.

Be extra organized, and obsess over cleanliness and sanitary conditions, making sure your clients know everything has been sanitized. Don’t assume that they know or predicted so. Emphasize and them your clients how you sanitize everything after every use. The other very important consideration is how you use your hands, fingers, and tools. Use your hands and fingers as if you are making a piece of art or using magic.

Move your hands and fingers artfully and extremely harmonized. Make appointments with the most reputable beauty professional in your field and utilize their services. Watch carefully how he/she is using his/her hands and tools.

Copy the techniques, personalize them and use them in favor of your clients and yourself. Just this technique can change your position from mediocre beauty amateur to an exceptional, high-level superstar beauty professional, changing your career forever. 

Remember. . . To be a world-class, extra-successful beauty professional, you need to have three capabilities: thorough knowledge, solid skill sets, and your own personal style and effective habits as a beauty professional. All of these techniques are attainable if you have determination and persistence.