Male Clients in the Beauty Service Industry

by | Beauty Business

A growing number of male clients seeking beauty services are bringing money and business to the whole of the beauty industry. The beauty industry is a female-dominant and women-oriented business, and most men feel like foreigners when they step into a salon.

If you want to cultivate a portion of this growing market, you must customize your salon design, services, and customer service.


Is Offering Men’s Services Worth It?

More and more salons have opened their doors to male clients. Male clients tend to be more loyal, pay more, and demand less in the beauty service business. Male clients also tend to add less drama and be less of a headache compared to some female clients. LGBTQ clients are also growing in number—another source of income to salon businesses.

Other than beauty services, the fastest growing segment of beauty businesses is male beauty products. Men prefer to use products that are specifically branded for them and are willing to pay extra for the same products, provided that the design of the products is tailored towards their masculinity.  

Having services and products specific to men will definitely add extra income to your salon; however, you ought to make a few changes to your salon’s design and your menu so that clients choose your salon over your competition.


Female-Dominant Salons

Beauty businesses have been historically predominantly female. The majority of specialists who work in this business are female, and the whole culture and design of most beauty businesses are set to satisfy female clients. Almost all spas and beauty businesses are run and managed by women for women.

In most cases, the female environment of a salon and spa is not welcoming to male clients. Men feel like foreigners and strangers in most spas and salons. If you want to invite male clients into your salon, you should make some changes both in design and in the way you treat your male clients. Instead of a feminine, pink-saturated environment, you can add neutral colors and patterns. It’s important to show them respect and consideration by catering the design of your business towards being more gender-neutral.


Pricing and menu

The pricing and menu are always a controversial subject when it comes to male and female clients. Men are less price sensitive than women when it comes to beauty services. A few dollars more doesn’t usually bother them. Men will likely not compare the costs of their services with the costs of the same services for female clients. They may compare themselves with other men, but probably not with women.

Most men prefer to pay more for the same service because they like to differentiate themselves from female clients. You may need to charge them more because it takes more time, different products, or because they are starting to create higher demand. The best practice is to have two separate menus, one for men and another for women. Having a specific menu for men sends a signal to your male clients that your business is male-client friendly. It is wise to always charge a little more for men’s services.



Some services like waxing and massage therapy that require a client to be naked or semi-naked put more pressure on male clients. There is plenty of potential males, as well as female, clients who reject a beauty service because they are shy. You may never meet those people in your salon, as their shyness prevents them from making an appointment.

When you have a male client, always consider the fact that he may be shy even if he looks otherwise. Be calm, sit for a minute or two and talk to him, and more importantly, listen to him. Ask open-ended questions and encourage him to talk. This is a great method to overcome the shyness of your clients, male or female.


Client Loyalty

Psychologically, men tend to be more loyal clients than women. Provide them with good service and quality customer service, and they will continue to come. Men may challenge you less than women overall; they are low maintenance because they are less aware of competing salons and the wide variety of services. Unlike women, most men are less likely to seek discounts or question the pricing.

In general, male brains are uni-task and work simpler than women’s brains. The brain of your female client scans everything in your salon the moment she steps into your business. She detects all changes, and even your clothing and hairstyle. Your female clients’ brains can even detect emotions and the relationships among your salon’s employees. On the other hand, your male client detects much fewer changes, if any, in your salon and in you, the beauty specialist.

Male clients pay less attention to details than your female clients and are less picky, too. A little variation or some changes in services don’t really bother them as much as it may bother your female clients. As long as they receive the same service every time they are in your salon, they will be happy and continue to come. Men overall are more forgiving than women. If you make a mistake and admit it, your male client will likely forgive you and will continue to come.


Male clients’ Motivation

The motivation of a man to get beauty services is not usually the same as the motivation of a female client. Women take care of their skin, beauty, and health as part of their daily routine. They are likely to spend more time and money on their beauty and well-being than men.

On the other hand, men are not the main initiator of getting a beauty service. In most cases, men are encouraged or forced by someone else to get a beauty service. Often, there is another person involved other than the man himself. The main motivator for a woman to get skin care and beauty services is herself, but for a man, it is someone else. A woman receives beauty services to satisfy herself, but a man is trying to satisfy another person, most likely his partner.


Male Friendly Spa Design

If you want to open your beauty salon to male clients, you need to make changes so your salon environment is welcoming to those kinds of customers, too. As mentioned earlier, a fully pink and feminine environment doesn’t attract most male clients. You can have a couple of male models’ images on the wall, a separate male bathroom with a bold sign, or whatever shows your salon is not dedicated only to women. A man is a foreigner or stranger in a salon or spa packed with women. If you want to receive more male clients, modify the design of your salon to a more neutral form.


Loitering and Jerks

Jerks are everywhere, and occasionally one of them may land in your salon. They are not necessarily clients; however, they may pretend to be clients. In most cases, jerks are harmless, but you as a beauty specialist or salon owner should consider any jerk or loiterer as a threat to your business.

If any jerk or loiterer shows up in your facility, you should act fast and precise without any hesitation. Warn once; if it doesn’t work, immediately call 911. Never argue, raise your voice, try to push them out of the door, or touch them; simply call the police without any hesitation.

Having cameras in the reception area and areas that do not invade the privacy of your clients is a must. These cameras must not be hidden but clearly visible with a sign that says, “This area is under surveillance,” or something similar. You can find surveillance signs at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and many other stores.


Male Beauty Products

In previous years, women have used many more beauty products than men. On average, women used 12 beauty products per day, while a man used one or two. However, the fastest-growing aspect of male beauty today is grooming products. More and more men are looking for skin care, shampoos, moisturizers, sunscreens, and other beauty-related products made just for them. A growing number of companies formulate and manufacture these kinds of products all around the world.

Men are more likely to use products that specifically mention “for men” than generic products, similar to how women tend to prefer products that are specific to females, too. Male skin and hair care products can be a great add-on to your service business. Male uni-task brains are not as likely to deconstruct a wide variety of beauty products. If you recommend a product, they will often rely on you and buy the product.

Having a section for male products and using verbiage that is tailored to male clients can lead to a good source of extra revenue. As men’s brains are more logical and uni-task, they might get confused with too much information. Explain everything in a simple tone and straight to the point, and they will buy it.


Immediate Satisfaction

The female body is wired to be more tolerant and less sensitive to time-consuming tasks and even pain. On the other hand, men’s brains are wired to be focused on the end goal and the final result. They want to see the final result as soon as possible—they want immediate satisfaction.

For instance, if you are doing a rejuvenation treatment for a woman, you can tell her to wait6 to 8 weeks to see the final result, and she won’t complain, but if you are doing the same service for a man, it is not easy for him to wait for a month or two to see the result. If you are treating male clients, use techniques that allow them to see an immediate result, even if it is just temporary.



Like animals, the human body secretes pheromones—scents released to attract the opposite sex. If you are a woman and happen to smell the inner side of a man’s arm, you may notice there is a relaxing scent. Women’s bodies also secrete a specific scent that almost all men can detect and is not comparable to any perfume in the world.   

No perfume in the world can beat the natural smell of a human body in terms of attraction and seduction. As a female beauty professional, when you are working on the skin or body of a male client, your body’s scent diffuses in the treatment room. These scents are relaxing and calming for some men and, at the same time, may make others uncomfortable.

As a female beauty professional, it’s best not to exacerbate the situation by wearing another sexually appealing perfume or outfit. Female specialists exposing too much skin and cleavage can intrigue any man’s gaze. It makes both female beauty specialists and male clients uncomfortable. It is human nature. Thus, you should avoid this stylistic expression with your specialists. You may send the wrong signal and message. From my point of view, being professional and having a neutral outfit/uniform and refraining from wearing provocative perfumes is a must in all beauty service businesses.



There are a few touchy/sensitive beauty services and massage therapies that could trigger an erection in men. The two main services that can and most probably will induce erection are manzilian (the male version of Brazilian—removing hair from the genitalia) and body massage.

It may not be the best experience for a female esthetician to touch and do the treatment on a naked or semi-naked erected penis. That situation could be an embarrassment for most male clients.  

After all, an erection is an involuntary reaction of the male body to any kind of sexual stimuli and even thought. The curve of a body, perfume, a voice, clothing, touch—almost anything can start an erection. A man doesn’t have any control over his erection and cannot do much about it when it happens. An erection is definitely a sign of sexual arousal, but it doesn’t mean that a man with an erection is a monster or a sexual assault machine. It is more often than not an embarrassment and shame to a man.

As a female or even male beauty professional, if you notice that your male client has an erection, simply ignore it and continue your service. Do not mention it, smile, make fun of it, or talk about it at all. If your client mentions it and excuses or apologizes for it, simply, with the least possible words, say “it is okay’ and “never mind” and preferably change the subject. In rare cases, ejaculation can happen right after an erection or with a miniscule stimulus to an erected penis. In those cases, give a wet towel to the client and let him clean himself. Ask him if he is okay to continue; otherwise, schedule him for another time.



Male beauty services are creating a good source of income for most salons and spas. Male clients are more loyal and are likely to pay more. For a bigger piece of this emerging market, make a few changes to your salon design and be aware of how to customize your customer service.